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I ordered on the day after the latest snowfall that almost shut down the city.. Ordered fettuccine Alfredo with meatballs. It came with your choice of a salad and a piece of garlic bread. The noodles were cooked perfectly (to my preference at least), the sauce was one of the better ones I've had in a while. The toast was a bit over cooked but the seasoning on top was herbal/spices, i liked the flavor. Havent had the salad yet, saving it for later, it's a lot of food.


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My food arrived right on time I had amount medium pepperoni pizza with an order of jalapeo peppers and a six pack of root beer pizza was hot flavorful and filling the jalapeo poppers couldve been a tiny bit crispier than that mightve tried them out all in all great order experience.....Delivery driver was polite courteous and on time


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Im not exactly sure who delivered to my home today but all I can say the employee went out of his way to bring my order up the hill . Many deliveries dont do that but I want to thank you & by the way the food was delicious !!


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What an excellent first experience with Milano's and Grub Hub! The food was delicious and the temperatures perfect! The toasted sandwich was still very warm and the salad was very chilled. Thanks!


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Drunk ordered a Napoletana Pizza & cheese sticks in the middle of the night and it showed up on time, hot, and super delicious (pesto sauce was great). Bonus for 10/10 next day leftovers.

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There was a slight mix-up, but I just saw on my bank account they refunded my ENTIRE order for forgetting one thing (which they offered to bring back) but I said no, no (it was EOD or EON, I guess) you dont gotta drive back just refund that item; refunded the whole order.

Thats how you do business. $hit happens, but they made up for it AND THEN some. Thanks guy will order again soon! Plus youre open late! Which is awesome and atypical for morning lark p$$ies in Seattle.


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Good regular food, reliable


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Great gluten free

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The dough allowed to rise to perfection in the pan, then we add our special pizza sauce made from our only fresh packed tomatoes, next we top your pizza with 1% real mozzarella cheese, your choice of the freshest vegetables and tastiest meats. After baking to a golden brown, we deliver it piping hot and deliciously fresh for you to enjoy - every time.